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NQ to 3 years PQE

*** Our free NQ Solicitors Guide for 2023 is available on request, containing all the advice about your career search as an NQ, including CV writing, interviewing, and salaries. Feel free to email or use the contact form to request your copy. ***

NQ-3 years PQE is an exciting time, but it's also crucial that you get good quality career advice from someone with genuine experience and time served in the market. A junior recruiter running your job search is fine, but someone who knows the consequences of career choices made over perhaps a ten year period is able to add more value. Tony Brooke has recruited in Yorkshire and the North East for over 20 years.

Newly Qualified Lawyers - At NQ level you need to make the best choices you can, and if they're not the ideal choices then you need to preserve your future options as far as possible. You need the right focus and appreciation, and in many cases you'll need support and an element of coaching through the recruitment process. It is a fast moving market and so Brooke Thornham only work with a small number of NQ candidates the majority of whom come to Tony by recommendation and choose him exclusively.

1-3 years PQE Solicitors - Even with 6 months PQE in a legal specialism you're a markedly different candidate proposition to when you were an NQ and you'll find it far easier to move than at your time of qualification. Consequently a good number of junior lawyers who are on the right track will move once, twice or even three times in these early years. Bigger firm, better location, stronger remuneration are typical motivators though everyone is different. We're happy to help you identify suitable opportunities and support you through the process.

But what if your expertise is not heading in the right direction? Then you are better to act sooner rather than later to rectify it. Speak to us. and let us share our experience and advice to help you get to where you want to be. You won't be pressured or pushed down a route you don't fancy, but you will get honest pragmatic discussion from a recruiter who has pretty much seen everything before and who will have an idea of how to assist you.​

Opportunities at this level: