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Associates & Senior Associates

With a more established professional standing usually comes a more rigorous individual assessment of opportunities. Our role is to establish what you're looking to achieve and agree a plan, then we'll get the detail to allow you to make the best decisions and support you through the process.

As a proven lawyer in an established niche you'll have a fuller appreciation of the legal profession and how you feel about your career. The early years of enthusiasm and optimism have probably morphed a little as you've built professional and personal experience. Your assessment of choices will be more astute, and you'll be more sure of your preferences and who you are. You're also probably less likely to feel the need to align with the expectations of others. and will be more confident to address your own specific needs. And if you're not wholly clear on what you want then we'll help you to step back and rationalize things out.

Drivers will vary from remuneration and broader benefits, to prospects for promotion, employer flexibility, firm culture and inclusion, and how you're regarded and managed. Consequently Associates and Senior Associates will usually want greater detail about opportunities and employers. Broad brush brand-wowing isn't attractive, rather it's about in-depth knowledge of firms and teams, and if needs be getting the information you require to evaluate an opportunity.

Whilst everybody's situation is different there's also a lot of commonality in the experiences and motivations of candidates as their career goes on. That Tony Brooke has worked with candidates at all stages of their career gives him plenty of experience to bring to the benefit of Associates and Senior Associates looking to make a career move.

Opportunities at this level: